The Truth Behind the Words: Is Your Roof Membrane Half Full or Half Empty?

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In marketing, there are words we often see 和 gloss over because over time they lose their meaning. Words that come to mind are innovative, advanced 和 next generation. At mg官方电子平台, we often use the words proven, trusted 和 high performance.


The Thickness Paradigm: How the Roofing Membrane Industry Got It Backwards

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.

——亚瑟·C爵士. 克拉克

The first computers were so large that warehouses were needed to store them. Car phones (yes there were car phones) were larger than the l和line in someone’s home. Winter jackets were once so awkwardly large that skiers would rather freeze than wreck on the slopes. And as late as the early 2000s, “advanced” hard drives in PCs were larger than iPhones today.

但在2020年的今天, a nominal 36-mil ELVALOY™ KEE Membrane introduced in 1979 is higher performing 和 lasts longer than even the newest 和 thicker 60-mil, 80-mil or even 90-mil PVC’s or TPO’s in the harshest rooftop environments.

In most cases, technology evolves over time. 在大多数行业, that evolution of products is driven by being economical around the space the product takes up … not value-engineering the product itself. The adage is: Because it is better, we made it thinner. It’s the 自然 evolution of technology. But not in commercial roofing, 和 there is a reason the best product (和 subsequently the thinnest) was developed in 1977 和 introduced in 1979 as mg官方电子平台.

And this is the paradigm battle of today.


The 架构师’s Guide to 弹性

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Building owners rely on architects to bring their vision of the commercial space to life, design buildings to code 和 oversee project construction to ensure their vision is being realized. In this role as trusted advisor, an architect must underst和 the purpose of the structure as well as the importance of that purpose.

From an ownership perspective, the highest priority is a roofing system that is resilient in terms of being durable (regardless of circumstance) 和 long lasting —while also maintaining the delicate of balance of a budget appropriate life-cycle-cost for the system. 在这篇文章中, we’ll explore the following topics:

  • 什么是弹性屋面?
  • How to talk to building owners
  • Protecting their investments
  • 设计和色彩问题
  • The crucial role of trusted advisor

Resilient Roofs: What They Are 和 为什么 They Are Important

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弹性. It’s a term you’re likely to hear more 和 more these days as it pertains to 业务es 和 building solutions. But now it’s time to ask the key questions:


How a Resilient Roof Protects Against Food Contamination

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The food processing industry is like no other. 像这样, it brings challenges not found elsewhere, especially when it comes to the facility’s roofing system. When contamination is not an option, food processing facilities need to protect their investments—now 和 for years to come.


为什么 非常严重的冰雹 Is Important for Building Owners

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Your roof is your first line of defense against severe weather, especially 非常严重的冰雹. 2017年,一场冰雹 袭击了丹佛市 with tennis- 和 baseball-sized hailstones, resulting in $2.3 billion in losses, Colorado’s costliest 自然 disaster on record.  Choosing the right roof system could be the difference between shutting your 业务 down or weathering the storm.


项目 Profile: 食品加工 Facility in Ontario, 加拿大

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A food manufacturing facility in Ontario, 加拿大, had a 6-year-old thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roof that was in drastic need of replacement. The roof of the facility was pushed to its limits with rooftop equipment, 长下雪的冬天, 和, 最重要的是, foot traffic from maintenance crews.


项目 Profile: Crown Coliseum

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Since its construction in 1997, 10,880-seat Crown Coliseum has been the heart of entertainment in Fayetteville, 北卡罗莱纳. Twenty-two years after its construction, 它的主人, the Cumberl和 County Civic Center Commission, needed to replace its original PVC membrane roof, which was showing signs of age 和 fading.


What Is a Roof Cover Board 和 为什么 Is It Important?

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Installing a new roof system is an investment in the protection of your building, 业务, 和人民. It’s your goal to create a commercial roof system with the durability to st和 up to mechanical, 自然, 还有人为的磨损.

在这篇文章中, we will review what a roof cover board is, common types of roof cover boards, 和 the performance attributes they can bring to your roof system.


Top 4 Considerations When Replacing Your Roof [Infographic]

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Replacing a roof can feel like a daunting task, 和 with dozens of options between different materials, mg线上电子充值和系统, the choices can feel overwhelming. Breaking down your priorities 和 underst和ing the pros 和 cons of various systems can make the choice much easier.