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mg官方电子平台 sets the performance standard in roofing, offering an extensive line of membranes, systems and accessories.

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Roofing Membranes

A Superior Process. An Advanced Formula. Composed of proprietary knitted or woven base cloths and coating formulas, mg官方电子平台 membranes have been performing around the globe for over three decades. Learn more about the superior fiber and formula of mg官方电子平台.


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Color Options


Available as made-to-stock in most product specifications.
Check with your
local mg官方电子平台 representative for more information. 

** some made-to-stock colors are temporarily unavailable **

Off White
CR Gray
Slate Grey -temporarily unavailable
Thermal Tan - temporarily unavailable

Minimum quantities may apply for all made-to-order colors
** all made-to-order colors are temporarily unavailable **

Patina Green - temporarily unavailable
Colonial Red - temporarily unavailable
Energy Gray - temporarily unavailable
Terra Cotta - temporarily unavailable



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mg官方电子平台 Roofing Systems



Utilizing the time-tested mg官方电子平台 membrane as the cap sheet, mg官方电子平台 Hybrid Multi-Ply roofing systems are ideal for demanding specifications that seek redundancy.

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Combined with the mg官方电子平台 membrane, mg官方电子平台 Green allows for vegetative roof technology for sustainable and environmentally friendly applications.

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Simulated Metal


The great look of metal with the superior protection of mg官方电子平台.

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Mechanically Attached


This system uses fasteners and stress plates to secure the insulation, coverboard materials and/or mg官方电子平台 membrane to the roof deck.

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This system uses adhesives to secure the insulation, coverboard materials and/or mg官方电子平台 membrane to the roof deck.

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Induction Welded


Using electromagnetic induction welding technology, this system secures the mg官方电子平台 membrane to the deck without penetrating the membrane.

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This system uses ballasts such as river bottom stone or concrete pavers to secure the mg官方电子平台 membrane to the roof.

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mg官方电子平台 Accessories



mg官方电子平台 offers a complete line of pre-engineered metal accessories.

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mg官方电子平台 Adhesives


mg官方电子平台 offers a variety of adhesives and sealants to accommodate your roofing project.

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mg官方电子平台 Walkway & Protection Materials

Walkway & Protection Materials

mg官方电子平台 Walkway and Protection Materials enhance roof traffic safety and optimize membrane protection in heavily trafficked roof areas.

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FTR-Value™ insulation sample


mg官方电子平台 polyisocyanurate roof insulation consists of polyiso foam core with superior fire performance and retains its high R-values over time.

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mg官方电子平台 Wrapid Flash Pipe Flashings


mg官方电子平台 WRAPID Flash® pipe flashing makes wrapping any cylindrical penetration simple and consistent.

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mod bit

Modified Bitumen

For the mg官方电子平台 Hybrid System, modified bitumen base sheets are to be used in conjunction with the mg官方电子平台 cap sheet.

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Architectural Metal

mg官方电子平台 offers the industry the widest selection possible of quality, performance tested commercial roof edges.

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U-Anchor 1400-2400-3400-FTR

mg官方电子平台 U-Anchor™ Rooftop Attachments

The U-Anchor is mg官方电子平台’s only authorized solution for attaching rooftop equipment quickly and effectively, while maintaining a watertight seal and roof warranty integrity.

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